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Precautionary measures:


-  Classes will be no bigger than 15 people


-  Temperatures will be checked with a forehead thermometer


-  Hands must be washed on entry


-  Equipment must be cleaned before &  after use


-  Clients must maintain safe distances 


-  If anyone, coaches included, feels sick or think they may be getting sick, they are not permitted in the gym. *This includes those with allergies* Please take whatever medications necessary to keep allergies under control when possible. Sorry to be so extreme, but at this time we have to be careful.

-  Clients MUST BOOK ONLINE! You will not be permitted to workout if you did not book online. No exceptions! 

-  There will be no waiting in the lobby. Clients must wait in cars until the designated class time. 

-  Virtual classes will continue for those that must stay home and for our out-of-town clients!

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